The following forms are required for each individual to participate on a club sports team for the 2017-2018 academic year:

On IMLeagues:

  1. Assumption of Risk, Permission to Treat & Confidentiality, Concussion and Injury Disclosure Agreement
    1.  All students will accept this form when they join a club sport team on IMLeagues.
  2. Participant Registration
    1.  This form is filled out online on IMLeagues.
    2.  All athletes who submitted and had this form approved last year, do not need to submit again.

Through SHS Portal:

  1. Clearance to Play

The completed form can be submitted by:

  1. Scanning and uploading to the Student Health Portal

NOTE: When you are uploading the form to the portal, select “Health History Form” and upload the Clearance to Play

  1. Dropping-off in-person at the Student Health Services Front Desk or at the Lock Box inside the front door