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The executive board officers and the members of the Club Sports Council (CSC) serve as an advisory board for the allocations of the Club Sports Program budget in specific areas and do not serve as the final judgment on allocating these funds.  The following packet outlines the application process and procedures necessary for a team to be eligible for funding.

Please Note:

Team representatives must inform the Club Sports Coordinator of all funding needs when completing their Projected Expenses Application in the spring for the upcoming academic year.

Arrangements shall be made thereafter by team members to gather proper documentation so that payment can be made via Purchase Request.

Please plan accordingly with these restraints in mind.  Proper planning is the responsibility of the team/club and not the Club Sports Program Staff or CSC executive board. Assistance with the funding is always available through staff, undergraduate assistants, or Council executive board officers throughout the academic year.

Funding Eligibility

  1. A team will only be eligible for CSC funding if the team is recognized and in good standing with the Club Sports Program and CSC.
  2. Funding through the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) will be based on the USG Funding Guidelines.
  3. No team is guaranteed funding and/or the total amount of funding requested.

Scope of CSC Funding

  1. The CSC will assist with funding items that relate specifically to the operations and governance of the Club Sports Program and will be overseen by the Department of Student Activities in collaboration with the CSC executive board officers. .
  2. The CSC shall serve in an advisory capacity in regards to the following areas of Club Sports Program funding:
      1. Entry Fees
      2. Small Team Equipment
      3. Facility Time
      4. League Dues
      5. Safety
      6. Regardless of the funding item, a member of the team accessing the allocated funds must type and complete the CSC Purchase Request, which can be found through Ensure that a team representative has signed the form prior to submitting the request and that all applicable paperwork is also attached to the application before submitting to the Club Sports Staff.



Scope of Club Sports Program Funding

The Club Sports Program staff shall make all decisions regarding the funding of the following areas of the club sports program:

  1. Student Staffing
  2. General  Office Support
  3. Athlete Health & Safety
  4. Club Support
  5. Depot Field Complex
  6. Trainings & Support

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Funding

The USG may decide to assist with the funding of items that relate specifically and uniquely to the operations of an individual club sport team and do not relate to the governance and oversight of the Club Sports Program and its facilities.  These items include:

  1. Coach’s Stipends
  2. Equipment
  3. Uniforms
  4. Practice Fees
  5. Travel/Lodging and Transportation

Student Activities Business Office Bank Account

The Business Office provides banking services and the tools, resources and guidance to operate under sound business practices and principles to all club sport teams.  Club sport organizations are encouraged to establish an account with the Business Office.  Club sport organizations interested in opening an account or learning more about the responsibilities of their organization’s finances are encouraged to contact the Business Office staff at 860-486-3163 or stop by SU 314.

Beginning in Fall 2017, all clubs will be required to open a SABO account.  Teams may not have both a SABO and off-campus bank account.